True Ocean Jet Boating originated right here in Mooloolaba!

This is a little known fact that we as locals should be proud of.
The Mooloolaba Jet Boat team are extremely proud to be able to bring this very special experience back to Mooloolaba & the Sunshine Coast !!
Even today there are only 3 of these very special boats in operation here in Australia.

• One in Melbourne – the original vessel!
• One on the Gold Coast.
• And now of course the Sunshine Coast!

Once we had discovered the above facts we strongly felt that this experience just had to be returned to the Sunshine Coast. This is where it all started and this is where it needs to continue!
The boat has additional abilities as well.
Fully covered, comfortable and extremely safe, as well as extremely fun to be in of course!
This all means we can do a lot more than a “normal” jet boat can.
Taxi services for one. (I will come back to that one).
And then our “Speciality Tours” which really are something that can ONLY be done on the Sunshine Coast.
Why only on the Sunshine Coast? Because this area is built around river inlets more than most.

• Caloundra sits on the Pumicestone Passage.
• Mooloolaba on the Mooloolah River
• Maroochydore on the Maroochy River
• Noosa on the Noosa River.

And although 3 of these 4 have shallow bar entrances, this is not an issue for an ocean going jet boat! We can comfortably and safely navigate the very shallow waters opening up and linking by water services these fantastic locations to everyone!
Staying in Mooloolaba but want to go shopping in Noosa? No problem. Make the journey a key part of the day and go by Jet Boat!
Lunch at one of the stunning restaurants or cafes in Maroochydore or Caloundra? Great! Let us make it a truly memorable day and take you by boat to their waterfront location!
This is something that can really only be done here on the Sunshine Coast! Something that is very special indeed!
Finally, the taxi services, as promised.
As locals many of us live on or near the water. Wouldn’t you like to have the option to go to your favourite Mooloolaba café, restaurant or pub by water?! Even if it’s just to impress your visitors.
Want to cross the river from La Balsa Park to the “Yachtie”?
These are services needed here on the coast!
And this is what we are now offering! Call us like you would a taxi and let us look after you properly.