Single Thrill Ride

$ 80

Per Person

  • Single seat Booking
  • Includes Picture taken with vessel
  • Optional video footage purchase
  • Age/height limitations do apply

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Group of 4 Thrill RideAKA Family Pack

$ 280

Per Group of 4

  • Priced to attract the family!
  • Includes the Picture taken with the vessel
  • Optional Video footage available for purchase
  • Age/height limitations do apply

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Group of 8 Thrill Ride

$ 525

Per Group of 8

  • Includes Both Group and individual Photo’s with vessel
  • Video footage of ride available for purchase
  • Age/height limitations apply

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Boat booking

$ 725

Per Boat

  • Includes both Group and individual Photo’s with the vessel
  • Includes Video Footage of the ride
  • Video Footage is supplied for download online.
  • Age/height limitations apply

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Other Trip options Pricing Table

Looking for something really different? Have you thought about any of these awesome options:

Ferry Service

$ 10

10AM - 12 Noon & 3PM

  • Prices are for a return ticket (single not available)
  • Service runs between the “La Balsa Park” Public Pontoon (NExt to the boat ramp) and “The Yachtie” at the Mooloolaba Marina.
  • I bag per customer only please unless arranged prior.

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Water taxi Service

Per Trip

  • Pickup at your home pontoon (Access must be possible)
  • Drop off at multiple locations:
  • We can even run you to Caloundra, Maroochydore or Noosa! – Day time only.

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Bribie Island Golf Run


Per booking

  • Travel to Bribie Island by Water with our high speed luxury Jet Boat
  • 18 Holes of Golf at the Pacific Harbour Golf Club
  • Includes cart(s) and lunch
  • Limo transfers from Marina and back to your place of accommodation
  • Bookings made via Pacific Harbour Golf Club
  • Conditions apply

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High Speed Whale Watching

$ 120

per person for 2 hours

  • Get to the whales fast and in comfort
  • Whale watching was never this much fun before!
  • Includes thrill ride component during the trip on request only!
  • During whale season only

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Dolphin Watching tours

$ 90

per person for 1.5 Hrs

  • Get to the dolphins fast and in comfort
  • Dolphin watching was never this much fun before!
  • Includes thrill ride component during the trip!
  • Not available during whale season.

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Are these the only options?

For general Rides and tours yes, however if you have something special in mind give us a call or send an email and if we can assist we most certainly will. Weddings in particular are a case by case situation. We have ensured the bride (and the rest of the party of course, but let’s face it, its really all about the bride on the day) can have the biggest dress imaginable and be comfortable in our boat. And – we think – even more importantly, the boat will keep her as clean as if she stepped into and out of a new limousine!

Are there any other limitations?

There are a few limitations we need to adhere to. The number of passengers we can accommodate on each trip for instance. Minimum age and height (no point in 4 point safety harnesses if you can still just slip out of them!) and a few others. Really want the “nitty gritty” details? Well have a read of our Terms & Conditions page. Or maybe our FAQ Page (Frequently Asked Questions) will give you the information you are after. Of course if all else fails (or it’s all too much reading which I fully understand!) just contact us!

Will I get wet or dirty?

NO! If you have been on other “open top” jet boats, this is a standard line in their terms & conditions. And most such boats, being subject to the weather and possibly salt water conditions tend to deteriorate quickly leaving cracked seating, dirty handles and floors etc etc. With us you will be seated in comfort, no lifejackets or heavy rain coats needed. As long as you keep your phones or cameras in your bag or pocket they will be safe and dry! WELCOME TO QUALITY!

Can I cancel at any time?

The short answer is no. BUT, it does depend on when (and why) you need to cancel. We really do cover this in great detail in our Terms & Conditions page, and it will also be very clearly detailed on your order confirmation if you book online or by phone. Basically we need sufficient time to rebook the seat(s) you need to cancel. Likelihood is that if you leave it too long we will have turned people away because we had you booked on. The more notice you give the more chance of us covering your cancellation.